Sustainable Farming

Free Water for Sustainable Farming

Includes guaranteed buy back of produce and scientific farming advise to farmers

March 21, 2017

Utico the largest Private Utility in the Middle East on “ World Happiness Day” has announced a program for Farmers to address their water supply issues and to increase their production. The program includes supplying free water to farmers with guaranteed buy back of produce and scientific advisory services.

The program was rolled out in the EPDA program of Ras AlKhaimah with many farmers present.

Dr. Saif AlGhais, Director General of Environment and Development Authority stated that the program was very much inline with ensuring happiness of farmers as well as meeting food security of the UAE.

Mr. Richard Menezes , MD of Utico stated that the “ World Happiness day” and “ The Year of Giving” as announced by H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid of UAE, Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai is an important year. It is unqiue that both go hand-in-hand , where the foundation of the food chain in a society, viz.; Farmers also need to be supported and encouraged. In a water scare and starved region as the UAE, it becomes all the more important that the year of Giving and Happiness day, gives focus to them for their happiness as well through sustainable farming. Utico’s program will increase their farm produce, reduce or remove subsidy on the state and increase the farmers income as well. This can be done with sustainable farming as designed by Utico during the past three years.

The program includes sustainability as the focus which means the farmers will be categorized into two section a.) Farms owned and tilled and 2.) commercial farming. These sections will be subdivided further to ensure maximum effectiveness and greater satisfaction among them. There are two program options, 1. Free water with produce buy back or 2. Water purchase which starts with the lowest water tariff in the UAE of 1.8fils/Gallon.

To ensure responsible farming, Utico will provide extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure farmers are successful and satisfied and have certainity of a long term guaranteed income . As in any area of life, certainity is an important part of a farmers outlook. The Buy back program will be insured as well and will include farming and crop expertise from around the world like Australia, India, Europe, Thailand and US employed to get best results for the farmers and the program.

Utico is rolling out this program starting with supply programs in RAK, UAQ, Sharjah and Ajman. We are already working with FEWA and SEWA and any farm location it is possible where either Utico,FEWA, SEWA network is available and accessible the service can be provided within mutual consents. Any farmer or farm produce producer can apply for such a service on

About 95% of UAE’s food needs are imported and farming will include other than growing farm produce, animal husbandry and livestock. About 80% of UAE farming includes date farming with about one crop a year. Utico believes that there is ample scope for many crops that can add greater value with water being available.

Mr. Richard also stated that Barren land prices will also improve and more food production in the UAE will lead to better and fresher quality of produce as well as farm to home and farm to store system lowering the carbon footprint as well extensively.

He also believes overall economy will improve in the UAE as well as certain crops in the coming years will have potential for export in one form or other. There could be also integration of upstream and downstream segments integration farm to food manufacturing sector leading to greater economic growth.

To avail this service Please download the Service Provison Application form  and email the filled form along with the required doccuments to

Or contact Mr Abdulhameed Algerman on 0561469000 for any clarification.